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Annette Lyn O'Neil & Alex Dennis Price


What we do

We help early stage startup investors who want to a low-cash-cost way to augment their low-experience founding teams.We are a married pair of startup consultants that offer **experience across four domains (CEO, CPO, CTO & COO) ** on a fractional basis.Unlike solo consultants, we are able to triangulate matters through all four of our collective c-suite roles and both of our networks across the US + UK.


Our experience

Serial entrepreneur Alex Dennis Price co-founded Ecologi, a ~£20MM ARR climate startup listed in LinkedIn’s Top 10 Startups of 2022. As technical founder, he served as CTO until transitioning to CPO in 2022. Before Ecologi, Alex founded and exited other two successful startups: an agency and a product in the ops space. Alex is also a skydiver, an MSTF practitioner and a meditation coach.Annette Lyn O’Neil has served as an operational leader and a leadership coach in the tech space since 2018, most recently as COO, then CEO of a 50+FTE US><UK software services firm. In that role, Annette consulted several startups regarding recruitment and org structure. She is also a multidisciplinary extreme athlete, a widely published journalist, a yogini and an avid motoryclist.


deployable as-needed

Founder Coaching

We provide in-person or remote 2:1 coaching for your first-time founders on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Fractional Support

We come on as a fractional CEO/CPO/CTO/COO combination.

Full Embed

We embed in your team for as long as you need us.


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